• Please follow the washing instructions on the label of the products. By adhering to the recommended washing instructions, you will guarantee the long-term enjoyment of your Lunasidus products.

  • Please make sure that you use the recommended amount of washing detergent.

  • Select a correct laundry detergent or fabric softener and dryer sheets. Some detergents contain bleach or whitening agents. Please do not use these when washing colored products.

  • Avoid contact with skin care products. Some facial cleansers and skin treatments contain Benzoyl Peroxide, which has the same effect as bleach.

  • Before washing your bathrobes, please remove the belt.

  • Do not dry your products for longer than necessary. For best results, tumble dry your towels and robes on a gentle heat.

  • Pulled threads occur when loops catch on sharp objects. Do not pull loose threads, simply cut them off. Lunasidus towels are woven so threads won't run.