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                                                          WHAT IS TURKISH COTTON? WHY BUY TURKISH COTTON?

Turkish Cotton is high-quality cotton grown in the Aegean part of Turkey, where the climate has more sunny days and is less rainy which is a perfect environment for growing cotton.

Turkish Cotton is one of the leading kinds of cotton in the world because of its special characteristics:


  • Turkish Cotton has a long lasting texture and natural shine.


  •  Turkish Cotton has long fibers: The fibers of Turkish cotton are naturally narrow in diameter and long, which means more threads can fit into the cloth per square inch.


  • Turkish Cotton is extremely absorbent: Turkish Cotton has more threads. More threads mean more absorbency. That's why Turkish Cotton is extremely absorbent, and natural absorbency is better for bathrobes and towels while other less absorbent cotton types are good for t-shirts and other clothing.


  • Turkish Cotton is incredibly soft: Turkish Cotton is also known for its softness without any harsh processing. This cannot be matched by other kinds of cotton that require chemical processing.


  • Washing instructions for Turkish Cotton: Turkish Cotton is best when washed in warm water with like colors. It must be dried tumble dry with medium or low heat so the threads are kept in its original condition for a long time.


                                                     WHAT DOES COMBED COTTON MEAN?


       Combed cotton, as the name implies, means that the cotton has literally been "combed" to remove short, uneven fibers and debris resulting in longer, stronger and more lustrous cotton perfect for weaving.


                                              WHAT IS THE TOWEL GSM (Grams Per Square Meter)?


       300-400 Gsm is a thinner & lighter towel that is good for the gym or the kitchen. These will also dry more quickly than heavier towels. 400-600 Gsm towels are a great medium-weight option, perfect for Beach Towels, bath towels & guest towels. Each consecutive weight gets a little heavier. 600-900 Gsm is the most luxurious towels with a dense, heavy & absorbent feel. They will take a little longer to dry.


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